Defenders is a non-profit organization that was established in April 2013 by Police Officers and Police Staff in an effort to bring the Officers and community closer together.  The organization has had the assistance of a local attorney and has the assistance of a local accountant to get started.  We also have the assistance of a local credit union for our banking needs.  We feel it is important to seek the assistance of local business to keep our local economy growing.

     Our website is still under construction and when completed we will be able to have advertisement posted for local businesses that have donated funds to the non-profit.  The non-profit can also accept donations from private citizens who wish to help.  The Defenders donations will be used to sponsor children wishing to play sports, but cannot afford to purchase the equipment needed to play.  We will also be helping children who want to play an instrument, but cannot afford to purchase one.  This will give the Officers and the children an opportunity to meet and be more involved.

     Defenders will also be supporting the Becker Police Department Reserve Officer program.  The Reserve Officer program is made up of volunteers who assist the police department with their daily routines.  Some of the Reserve Officers are college students wishing to help the community and are not paid for their time.  Defenders can assist the Reserve Officers with the purchasing of equipment needed to assist with making Becker a better community.

     Defenders is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductable.  All donations can be made at the Starcor Credit Union located at 14267 Bank Street, Becker, MN 55308.

Thank you for visiting our website that is under construction!

Contact information:
Johnathan Batterberry
June Hubbard 
David Rydberg